Our Objectives

Our Association’s objectives:-

  1. To represent the common interest of all the budget hotels in Malaysia and specifically the members of Association.
  2. Foster goodwill and co-operation among budget hotels in Malaysia.
  3. To promote good relations between the Association and the Government and the public in general.
  4. To make representation to the relevant Government Agencies, Authorities and parties on behalf of the members.
  5. To Co-operate with other organizations, parties or individuals, if such co-operation is deemed to further assist in the attainment of the objectives of the Association.
  6. To promote good business ethics and standards among members.
  7. To foster a culture of interactive sharing of information among members for the long term benefits of the members.
  8. To promote excellent services and skills among employees of the members for the long term benefits of the members.
  9. To deal, directly and indirectly with matters pertaining to the administration of the Association such as the purchase or disposal of assets, prior of approve of the Registrar of Societies and the relevant authorities and other acts requiring the attention of the association.