Malaysia Budget Hotel Association China Trade Mission 2019

MyBHA China Mission Trade 2019, the 1st Oversea Trip organised by Mr. Jarod Chia, Chairman of National Foreign Trade Affairs Bureau, in which this trip aims to engage and connect members with global opportunities and today latest technology. In today changing environment, it is wise for members can walk out from their safety zone, and to learn and enhance current knowledge and abilities.


In cooperation with the Malaysia Tourism Year 2020, the Malaysia Small and Medium-sized Hotel Association recently held a Chinese delegation to send 83 hoteliers and representatives to Guangzhou, China in order to promote the accommodation of small and medium-sized hotels in China. 

The purpose of the visit was to promote the room facilities of small and medium-sized hotels in Malaysia to match the Malaysia Tourism Year 2020, attracting tourist from all over the world. Other than that, is to also to promote the good impression of foreigners on Malaysia. 

In order to deepen mutual economic and cultural exchanges, the association also signed an international strategic cooperation agreement with China Hotel Supplies Association in this investment projects, and designated the two parties as global strategic partners. To ensure the highest quality hotel supplies, as well as to attract Chinese to Malaysia to invest in the hotel supplies market.