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This association was formed in 2001 under the initiative of Tan Sri Sheik Kadir , the Minister of Tourism and Culture of Malaysia then, for the 2 star hotels and below. This was mainly due to the fact that many budget hotels do not have licenses and thus was not able to be  registered with the Ministry . The Ministry would in turn be unable to contact and take an inventory of all the budget hotels nationwide.

The main objective of this Malaysia Budget Hotel Association (MyBHA) is to find out why these hotels could not get their operating license and in what ways can the Ministry help these hotels towards obtaining their relevant operating licenses.

Many people are still not sure what is a budget hotel all about . Is it based on the number of rooms or based on room rates? In fact , it is based on neither . It is based on services provided in the hotel. The standards of Hotel Classification are all clearly spelled out in the Ministry guidelines, eg on room size , lobby size , facilities provided , etc.

Lately , to be in line with International and Asian standards , MyBHA has open up its membership to 3 Star hotels.

Therefore in totality, the revenue of the budget hotel category makes up the major portion of the total hotel Industry, and this market segment is still growing in leaps and bounds, riding on the exponential expansion of the Budget Airlines , like, Air Asia, Malindo , Firefly and other regional budget airlines.

Previous to the founding year , we have no platform to voice our problems to the Ministry or to liaise with other trade associations . We were then often neglected by those operating  five/four star hotels, and our interest was not looked into.

Now, we have a strong platform to promote our interest , our business, develop our staff through training , do sales promotions locally or overseas,exchange knowledge and share experience. 

We welcome all who are in this budget hotel business to join this association and be in this one big happy family to grow our business together.

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