Membership Bureau

The bureau is responsible to cooperate with the National President and the National Executive Committee in formulating the association’s membership policies, promoting new membership as well as renewals to enhance the association membership.

The composition of the bureau shall represent as broadly as possible with all state chapters to provide and/or gain advice on matters of membership recruitment and retention.

The bureau is responsible for the following:

  • Membership Service.

Identifying the needs of members and recommending the development of services to meet those needs.

  • Increasing Membership.

Recommending means for increasing the association membership base, especially among unrepresented hoteliers.

  • Keeping Membership Informed.

Recommending to the National President and the National Executive Committee or the association corporate members ways in which to make prospective and current members aware of the resources, services, and membership benefits of the association.

  • Welcoming New Members.

Recommending ways to acknowledge new members and to encourage participation in the association activities.

  • Identifying Non-member Needs and Perceptions.

Gathering information on and analysing non-members’ needs and perceptions of the association. Recommending ways in which to meet these needs to attract non-members to join the association.

  • Membership listing on MyBHA’s public directory.


National Membership Bureau

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